Oracle JDeveloper ADF 11g Training


This course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to develop a web application using Application Development Framework (ADF) Business Components and ADF Faces Rich Client (JavaServer Faces) web pages within Oracle JDeveloper 11g.

The course is aimed at Oracle Forms programmers and those not knowledgeable in Java in learning the JEE technology stack as implemented in JDeveloper. It also caters for programmers interested in learning the JSF web components and how they are supported by JDeveloper.

We offer 11.1.1.x and 11.1.2.x variants of this course.


A knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL is desirable
A knowledge of object-oriented concepts and Java is desirable.


5 days


  • JDeveloper IDE Introduction
  • SQL Developer
  • Applications, Projects And Files
  • Database Modelling
  • Java Language
  • Application Development Framework
  • ADF Business Components
  • ADF Entity Objects
  • ADF Associations
  • Implementing Validation
  • ADF Application Modules
  • ADF View Objects
  • ADF View Links
  • ADF BC Configuration
  • ADF BC Java Classes
  • JavaServer Faces
  • JSF Navigation, Event Handling and JSF Lifecycle
  • Expression Language
  • ADF Faces Rich Client
  • ADF Binding Layer
  • ADF Read-Only Table
  • ADF Input, Output, Command and Select Components
  • Data Bound Pages
  • Ajax, Partial Page Refresh and Lists of Values
  • Page Navigation and Unbounded Task Flows
  • Page Layout, Templates and Skins
  • Menus and Toolbars
  • Popups, Dialogs and Windows
  • Bounded Task Flows, Regions and Page Fragments
  • Data Visualisation Components
  • Deploying an ADF Application - WebLogic Server
  • Security

Who are our trainers?

Oracle ACE Alumni Penny Cookson and Oracle ACE Scott Wesley head our team of experienced consultants and trainers.

Penny was recognised as Oracle Educator of the Year in 2004

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