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So what services do our staff provide?: Database administration services

Database administration can be a complex issue. Many of the tasks are performed infrequently and it can be difficult retaining staff with the required skills. SAGE Computing Services can provide a complete database administration service for your site, or alternatively, provide help at times when you require additional assistance.

Identifying potential problems - regular monitoring of your database also ensures that your applications perform efficiently and that potential problems are identified before they impact on your users.

Defining standards - we can define Database Administration standards for your site that will be easy for your own staff to follow, and will also ensure that critical issues such as Backup and Recovery are planned and documented.

Health checks - finally, we can perform a health check against your database. Various aspects of the database will be examined at the conclusion of which a written report will be provided containing suggestions to ensure that you are obtaining optimum performance.

Development services

The approach that our consultants take towards systems development is determined by your requirements. We can perform all tasks associated with a development, or we can work with your staff to ensure skills transfer. At SAGE Computing Services, we believe strongly that the JDeveloper ADF framework provides a stable and productive development environment, and can assist you in moving your applications to this new technology.

Quality assurance and tuning reviews

Many of our customers who use their own staff for systems development find it useful to have an external review at regular stages in the development cycle. We can provide highly experienced personnel to perform these reviews.

Optimum Performance - in addition, we can supply application tuning expertise to ensure that you are obtaining optimum performance from your applications.

Help line

SAGE Computing Services provides a 'Help Line' facility for our customers.

Building a rapport - clearly by working with you at your premises, we are able to build a rapport with your people and a good understanding of your business.

Faster assistance and advice - as a result, many of our customers find that they achieve much faster assistance and advice with us than by using alternatives where their calls are answered by a different person each time, and their applications are not known or understood by the anonymous voice at the end of the phone.

Only pay for what you use - this service is charged on an 'as used' basis with a minimum charge time of five minutes.

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