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Tuesday, March 24, 2015
07:30am - 09:00am in West Perth
AUSOUG Event details

Application Express 4.2 Workshop
16th-18th March 2015 in Perth
Email us for more details.

Congratulations to our latest Oracle ACE
Scott Wesley
whos is speaking at Kscope15!

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Oracle® development & administration is our speciality.

SAGE Computing Services is a small and successful Australian consultancy specialising in Oracle core technologies including the Oracle RDBMS and administration, all things development (SQL, PL/SQL, JDeveloper, APEX, Portal, Designer, Forms, Reports and more) and application tuning.

We believe in sharing.

We're well known in the Australian Oracle community and our team has been recognised by Oracle and the Oracle User Group community on several occasions. We could take your money and run, but instead we choose to work with you and the greater Oracle community to promote success and learning for all of us.

We believe in teaching.

Our expertise is coupled with our ability to teach and run Oracle courses at your site. We're not afraid to present on Oracle concepts rather than just hiding behind a computer, nor do we hide from the hard questions by answering in useless marketing spin or reading from a script. Our trainers are all day to day Oracle users too, and we know the answers to the "real-world" Oracle questions you seek.

We believe small creates big.

2013 marked our 20th year of Oracle work throughout Australia! Our small qualified team has succeeded on small through to large commercial and government IT projects, by adopting a partnership approach with our clients.

We don't believe in sales pitches.

If your organisation is tired of the "hard-sell-crowd" who deliver near zero results, you're looking for a down-to-earth approach to software development, and you want some honest talk about your Oracle systems rather than pressure to buy services which don't achieve your goals, we can deliver.

Interested? We hope so....

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